Double Vision Exhibition

‘Double Vision’ group show presented symbiotic relationships explored through original printmaking as part of a regional Festival in Finland. The exhibition was hosted by Cultural Centre Vanha Paukku, in Lapua during August 2016. This will be part of a regional festival exploring symbiosis.

Screen print – ‘Killers of Eden’

“In a town called Eden in New South Wales, Australia, an unusual relationship between man and whale took place. The Davidson fishermen worked in partnership with a pod of Killer Whales to collectively bring down larger Baleen Whales. They had adopted this relationship from their Yuin Aboriginal crewmen who taught them of the whales’ behaviour. The Killer Whales (including their leader Old Tom) would signal the fishermen and lead them out to where the pod were holding the whale. The fishermen would harpoon the beast while the killers wore it down and prevented it to move. As the killer whales only ate the tongue, the fishermen returned the next day to remove the body. It was know as ‘The Law Of The Tongue’. This continued for three generations until a beached killer whale was knifed by a vagrant. There is a museum dedicated to the killers of Two Fold Bay in Eden which has the skeleton of Old Tom who had returned to work with the fishermen alone.”

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