Eden’s Blueprint

16th May – 24th June 2016. ‘Eden’s Blueprint’, Peroia City Gallery, Arizona, USA
[Toured to Antrim and Belfast International Airport, & Brussels until March 2017]

This partnership project was with Seacourt and Clotworthy House Art Centre in Antrim.  This exhibition of original prints were inspired the historic site of Antrim Castle.   Antrim Castle Gardens are of the most unique and historically intact gardens in the UK and throughout Ireland. The former seat of the Skeffington family, Viscounts Massereene and Ferrard, Antrim Castle occupied its imposing setting on the banks of the Sixmilewater River since 1610. The family began laying out the gardens in the 17th century. While the castle itself was destroyed by fire in 1922 the principal Anglo-Dutch water features of the gardens, though somewhat neglected, have remained largely intact. These unique historic gardens, located close to Antrim town centre, recently underwent a major programme of works to restore many of the key features dating back to the late 17th century. The Heritage Lottery Fund’s recognition of Antrim Castle Garden’s historical significance provided the impetus for Antrim Borough Council to undertake what was the biggest garden restoration project seen in Northern Ireland.


Johanna Leech
Title: The Souls of Poor Folk
Technique: archival inkjet
Alexander Irvine was born in Pogue’s Entry in the town of Antrim in 1863. This image is from a photograph in a book containing two of his novels; My Lady Of The Chimney Corner (1913) & The Souls Of Poor Folk (1921). The grounds of Antrim Castle must have played host to a few of the fairy tales he regales in these book.


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