Harry The Hotdog

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Harry The Hotdog – currently lives at Gibson’s Grocery
A neighborhood store on the corner of Hinton Ave and Avon St in the Belmont Neighborhood, Charlottesville VA. Est. 1977
Previously the hotdog was in Earlysville, where he was once kidnapped…

“giant hot dog found mutilated in shallow grave”

It was from his former Earlysville hangout that Harry’s horrible ordeal began. He was weinerknapped in April 2008 and went missing for a month before he was found in a shallow grave in an Albemarle trailer park…
He was all the worse for wear. Both his arms had been snapped off, and his beloved bottles of tasty toppings had gone with them.
He was, however, repaired by fundraising from the local community and continues to find himself delicious…

To see more of my project in Charlottesville, Virginia USA click here

More info and fun articles :

For my exhibition at The Bridge, Chris from Gibson’s very kindly lent us Harry for a few weeks and supplied us with hotdogs!  I created souvenir badges of Harry for anyone who came to the exhibition and for Chris’s customers.

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