Vanishing Futures: Collective Histories of Northern Irish Art

23rd October–5th December 2015 

Vanishing Futures is the twelfth and final instalment of the Golden Thread Gallery’s series of Collective Histories of Northern Irish Art exhibitions that launched in 2005. Having previously invited eleven curators to each share their personal versions of Northern Irish Art History Peter Richards, the series instigator, now shares his.

Through the instalment Richards reflects on: a number of strands of thought around history and mediation; artists and artworks; the moments and things, that have shaped his understanding of Art in the North of Ireland. The exhibition will feature works from the late 1970’s through to the present day and celebrate a sense of world-weary déjà vu.

Including artists such as: Tom Bevan; Charlie Bosanquet; Sinead Breathnach-Cashell; Lorraine Burrell; Lisa Byrne; Ursula Burke; Miriam de Búrca; Ian Charlesworth; Colin Darke; Maurice Doherty; John Duncan; Factotum; Ciara Finnegan; Graham Gingles; Gerry Gleason; Carol Graham; Michael Hanna; Phil Hession; Tony Hill; Allan Hughes; Johanna Leech; Terry Loane; Lisa Malone; Shiro Masuyama; Michael Minnis; Locky Morris; Susan MacWilliam; Connor McFeely; Deirdre McKenna; Mary McIntyre; Moira McIver; William McKeown; Tonya McMullan; Philip Napier; Aisling O’Beirn; Ciaran Ó Dochartaigh; Sinead O’Donnell; Brendan O’Neill; Jack Pakenham; Paul Seawright; Gary Shaw; Dan Shipsides; Theo Sims; Victor Sloan; Peter Spiers; and Una Walker, Alastair Wilson.

Inside the capsules were ‘memories’ of previous work I had created in the Golden Thread gallery. These included: memorable gift stories I had collected from the public during ‘Re-gift Amnesty’, legends and pine needles from the exhibition ‘LEFTOVERS’.

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