Selected to take part in : Basic Operation


BASIC OPERATION is an experiment in a collaborative process between New York and Belfast based artists, concerned with the creation, value and experience of art.

Initial ideas, concepts, starting points and proposals were firstly gathered from New York, with no restrictions on content, detail or format. The only request was that the submissions must be proposals for as-of-yet unrealised works of art and sent digitally via email.
The suggestions may be from small observations to larger strategies; sketchbook pages, post-it notes, drawings, plans for social events and interventions.

Catalyst Arts will invite a selection of Belfast artists to respond to these original ideas and encouraged to open up, interpret, and misinterpret, the levels of the submitted content.

BASIC OPERATION examines ways of collaboration and authorship. Is it the artist who proposes the initial starting point the author, or the one who furthers and embellishes the idea? Or are they merely a filter? In what form can collaboration take place and, furthermore, must a work of art be unique, or can it be created independently by other artists?     


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