Belfast Open Studios & Artist Show and Tell presentation

Header-1 My studio in FLAX is open as part of ‘Belfast Open Studios’ ran by Visual Artists Ireland.

“Celebrating it’s 25th Birthday, Flax includes some of Belfast’s most well known artists. Flax Art Studios is committed to developing and strengthening the visual arts sector in Belfast, and has provided 25 years of best practice work at the cutting edge of contemporary art.”

Johanna flax studio Oct 2014.1

Johanna flax studio Oct 2014.2

Above photographs of my studio

On Thursday 23rd October I’m giving a ‘Show & Tell’ presentation in the Black Box about my practice. Which was also part of Belfast Festival at Queens. “Quickfire artist talks at the Black Box – Each day at the Black Box we are hosting a lively, fast-paced hour of artists talks. This is a unique opportunity to hear from ten artists talking about their work in this series of revealing ‘Show & Tells’. This free event provides a fascinating insight into the range of work being made by artists today.” Belfast Festival at Queens website listing

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