MAILBOX 141 – 141 Flinders Lane, Melbourne


14 FEBRUARY – 16 MARCH 2012

A kangaroo drying his paws, a pelican statue, pap, a naked nymph, mix and match meat packs, UFOs, skylab, scrotum tobacco pouch, sexy celery, creepy ornaments, weird logos, puppies in windows, teeth grotto, pies, sexy lager, urinating manikins, found hen, interference mitts, big things, old tom, killer whales, and a wombo.

’THEY ARE NOT ALBINOS’ is a collection of obscure yet familiar icons, images and stories from across Australia.The exhibition will showcase new drawings created by Irish artist Johanna Leech in response to living and traveling in Australia in 2010 & 2011. These site-specific narratives will take the form of paper, vinyl, wall and window drawings juxtaposed with text. They invite the viewer to decipher their connections as storyline’s merge and emerge. An interactive blog of the project will accompany the project. It invites you to contribute your own stories and will be updated throughout the creation and presentation of the project.

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